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Evolve Her 
700 Club Challenge


Our mission is to help and support our women with increasing their credit score, obtaining bank money for investments, teaching investments

create businesses that improve communities and bring new opportunities 

Cosmic Sky

About Us

Hey Ladies, We are the creator of the EMPWR Her Annual Retreats. Our Directors Tanya Orbera, Shantel Sanchez & Julissa Arroyo are 3 NY Latina women who share the same goals and visions for the future of our fellow sisters and our desires in creating a community where we EMPWR women to excel into CEO's of their own brands, becoming financially free, focusing on self-love and improvement and building a team of women investors that can truly make a difference. 

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Founder CEO Tanya Orbera, expertise include  customer service, building customized vacation itineraries, tour creator and company operations, website building online shops, business system creations. Launched Real PR Tours in 2017 and re-branded as Real PR Travel in 2022

Co Founder & CMO Shantel Sanchez, is a Dominican Born / Bronx Raised Afro-Latina Entrepreneur Licensed Financial Professional Community Activist / Philanthropist
Youth Advocator
Business Coach / Mentor / System Trainer
Content Creator & Influencer

Co-Founder & CFO Julissa Arroyo is 

Orange Clouds
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